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Ashevillites- late notice


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Gonna be in town tommorow nite, was gonna drop by the BIG Mexican place near the biltmore, MAYHEM dinner their a few times back. I'll be the one with the BMW hat on. 1800 if anybody can make it on super late notice to a place I can't remember the name of!!!!!!! I'll have a refreshment in the waiting area and then get some grub. PM if any interest.



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damn chris:


on Navy business here, mandatory departure on Thurs, I'm on call friday night in Portsmouth....



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La Paz. I recommend their fish taco with a draft Dos Equis, followed by a snifter of Patron anejo.


I think it is currently the only Mexican reataurant in Biltmore Village. Pedro's Porch is gone - where it stood is now the parking structure for the Grand Bohemian Hotel. If you've not been to Asheville for awhile you'll be amazed at the change.


Sorry I won't be there.



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