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NUVI 255W Question...


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So I went a head and bought a new GPS for the car. So far, it has been good. A little different than my 2610, but all in all I pretty satified.


Question: when I am in "rotue" mode, it will display my speed and the arrival time to destination. Is there a way to change from displaying "speed" to "miles to destination" like you can with the 2610?


Question #2: How long do the batteries last? Do I have to worry about always keeping it charged. It varies from when I need to use it.



Rant #1: Was able to update the GPS to the 2010 map, but some of the new constuction to the airport is still missing!!!


Rant #2: Second time Garmin has ticked me into buying a car charger when it was included in the box!!! Or, mayabe it's Amazon I need to blame. :mad:

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