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Favorite farkle


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If you listed all your farkles and had to order them from most favorite to least what would you choose? Mine:


Most: Otterbox on RAM for iPod

Least: Kaoko throttle lock

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Favorite: V1. (piped through AZ Al earplugs) Because if the clutch is out and the engine is running, I'm probably exceeding the speed limit.

Least: iPod...ever since they stopped making the simple, easy, convenient wired remote, my iPod has been a royal pain in the ass and not worth the trouble to have music on the ride.



Favorite: Roko Goggle quick straps. Goggles stay on the helmet. easy to remove and get out of the way without stretching the strap out.

Least: Crappy no-name radiator guards that the previous owner put on the bike.



Favorite: it's a tie between the Penske rear shock, GP suspension bits in the forks, and the Michelin Pilot Race tires. My bike feels like it is glued to the track

Least: Stupid outrageously overpriced Dzus fairing fasteners that come loose and fall off. My fairing is now held on entirely by zip ties...they've been good to 160mph, but the $7/each dzus pieces of crap fall off at the slightest provocation.


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Full Autocom System (Zumo/AM-FM-Weather/Bike-to-Bike/Intercom)

Custom Seats

Peg Lowering blocks/Rider+Passenger

Grip Puppies

Verholen Valve Cover Protectors


Spot Locator

Wunderlich Side Stand foot

Bag Liners

Oil Cooler Grill

2000 Triumph Sprint 995i



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2 pc. Stich (kind of a farkel)

Peg lowering kit

heated grips

Large tail trunk

cruise control




Throttlemeister throttle lock.

Some kind of piping that went around the fairing to "reduce buffeting". Total junk.

Airhawk seat. Returned. Felt like I was disconnected from the bike.


Funny, if you asked this 30 years ago, all my favorites would have been performance mods. Life changes I guess.


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It is difficult to place them in order. Long rides would place more importance on the comfort items like the peg lowering kit and barbacks. On shorter jaunts priorities shift to convenience items. Topping both lists would be the Zumo 550 and StarCom1.

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One inch lowered Works shocks, sprung for my weight.

CeeBailey's Sumdome windshield (I can see over it)

Creative Zen with 5000 plus songs so far

Az Al earplugs

Daypack II tank bag

Garmin Zumo 550 with XM receiver

Starcom1 Digital integrator

Kenwood FRS radio




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Most: California Superbike School 2-day camp (followed by V1, if you won't accept the class as a "farkle").

Least: Beadrider beaded seat cover. Maybe these work well for people with more padding in their butt than I have, but it was painful for me. Gave it away.

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Mine are rather pedestrian. At night? my HID Light plus 4 H3s.


During the day? my extensively customized stock seat.


Second place? my shortened side stand with 2X the area foot welded on. What a pain the original was tippy, sinking into the pavement, gravel, dirt whatever.


Maybe these are not farkles?

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Best: An Aeroflow - Nothing else is close. It transformed my motorcycle.


Didn't work, but YMMV: Alaska Leather Butt Pad. Very nice people, but it didn't do anything for me.


Didn't work, and I don't think it'll work for anybody: One of those Crampbuster cruise control things for $10. Kept slipping. Piece of junk.





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Sargent low saddle w/matching pillion & top case pad.






Garmin StreetPilot c330

Passport SR1

Oil Cooler Screen

Rear wheel center cap w/BMW logo

Carbon triple tree cover

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Take hair dryer or a steam source and heat the circular end of the crampbuster. After it softens squeeze it to a tighter radius, cool, and use. They will work but sometimes need "adjustment".

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