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Garmin repair - good news


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My Zumo 550 died ... it decided not to respond to the touch screen anymore. It had been getting "flakey" before it died - would reset itself, mp3 would stop playing - but only when on for a long time.


Anyway, it's been dead for a couple of months and I finally got around to checking on getting it fixed yesterday. Out of warranty service is a flat fee. For the Zumo 550 it is $150 - which honestly I think is a pretty good deal. It includes a complete factory overhaul to new required specifications and domestic ground shipment back.


So, to the good part. While arranging for an RMA, the gentleman at customer service says ... "looks like it hasn't been out of warranty too long, let's see if we can do better on that price." !! And yes indeed, he came back with 1/2 off !!


Honestly don't know what decision factors lead him to make that offer, but I did't turn it down. :Cool:

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I am fortunate to live fairly close to the Garmin HDQTRS and they are by far the best at customer service. Some things they now charge for but they still are great and I have found the same thing over the phone when asking for help or some stupid question on my part.

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They'll send you a refurbished unit in exchange for yours.


Works for me ... no particular attatchment to the old one. Might make the turnaround time shorter.

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I sent two back to them for repairs. They replaced them with rebuilt units. One had the same problem as yours the other just went nuts and had a mind of it's own.


$150 each.


I'm happy



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If they would just put an auxiliary input for my V1.




Yeah, it'd be a simple addition. They're this |<->| close to making a unit that does it all. Wonder why they haven't ?

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I'm impressed with their customer service. Have (had) a garmin that the battery went south. Sent it in to have a new battery installed and they sent me a refurb unit.... NO CHARGE!


Mike O

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Same here, 3 years old 550 with a bad touch screen. This is the second replacement. No charge. The new unit's touch screen works better than the last 2.

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1+ for Garmin customer service. They replaced, under warranty, a 6210 I had even though I told them that it drowned while submerged for hours in my car during a flood. Impressive.



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My etrex Vista died and it was exchanged for a refurbished unit at no charge including postage.

My 276C has a flat rate of (AUS)$195 for a repair. Mine only needed the small memory battery so I replaced it myself for $11.

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