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AMA MoTow for family


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I had a paid couple of years of MoTow so wanted to wait until nearing expiration before signing up for automatic renewal to get MoTow for free. After signing up, I got a card, congratulatory letter, and a $10 gift card for BikeBandit. All well and good, but I had previously paid extra for MoTow to include my wife. I sent an email to AMA member services to ask if the auto-renewal/free MoTow included immediate family drivers. Yes, it does. I then asked about cards for those drivers and was told "Ok, I've requested one additional card to come out to you this week. I have to request each one separately, so you'll end up getting one at different times."


It seems as though they're 'accommodating' me and not like this is a regular thing. Anyone else out there with free MoTow get extra cards for drivers in the family?

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I had the same thing in the past and now have the free motow. I was wondering about the card for family and just never got round to following up with them. I am glad you posted this so now I will contact them for the extra cards. I have used it though for an auto tow and was never required to present my card.

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