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Happy Birthday USMC - 234 years

George Brown

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Happy Birthday


Semper Fi!


Sergeant USMC - 1985-1991


MOS 6432 - Aircraft Electrical Instrument Systems Technician


San Diego, CA, Millington, TN, El Toro, CA, Iwakuni, JN, Subic Bay, PI, Yuma, AZ, 29 Palms, CA, Cherry Point, NC

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Thank you and many more years for the Marine Corps.


My thoughts go out to all Marines, active and retired. Thank you for your service.


Bob Morris

62 years a Marine

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Well if you insist....being the army guy that I am! :grin:


Took my sis to the USMC Ball on Sat night. Funny story? At 15 and 90 lbs she wanted to be a marine. We all laughed. She joined ROTC in HS and went on all 4 years as a devoted marine recruit. She lived the USMC and it made us all sick b/c of her constant USMC this, that etc......


At 18 she joined the USMC and I told my dad she would be back in 2 weeks. At 105 lbs she joined and we waited and waited.....one year later i was on assignment to Hawaii and she picked me up from the airport. I was appalled at what I saw. A 145 lb muscle machine of a marine.


20 years later she returned home....a stint much longer than the 2 weeks we thought she would last.


Sorry for the hijack, but we are all very proud of her and it is a shining example of determination and dedication. HOOOOOOAAAH!

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