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Brake Pads


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Ok, I have searched but I can't find postings on brake pads. I put EBC pads(FA363)on the rear of my 04RT and only got about 10k miles. The originals lasted me almost 30k. Is this normal for EBC and did I use the correct EBC pads?



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363 are standard 'organic' kevlar pads. So what that means is there is potential for quicker wear. Even though they use kevlar in them they are softer than HH.

The HH last longer but tend to wear the rotor a bit more.


With that said maybe go back to original pads or another manufacture for comparison. Also check that you rear brake is not binding leaving the pads in constant contact with the disc wearing them faster.

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Thanks Tony_K, for the explanation of the pad material. Original pads seem to cost about 3 times EBC so I guess it is not much of a savings to go with the EBCs.

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Dewayne Harkov

I have used the EBC HH pads on two RT's and would rather have the superior braking then using stock. The HH makes the front brake "two finger" braking. I put 117k on my first RT and have 97k on this one and have not had to change rotors.

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+1 on Beemer Boneyard and Carbone Lorraine pads. I've done the fronts only, but they seem to be holding up fine, and don't generate as much dust as OEM pads. The only "issue" is that a slight squeak has developed within the past 2000 miles when applying the front brake at very low speeds. I'll probably go in this winter to clean, and perhaps use some anti-noise compound. They probably don't bite as hard as HH or HH+ pads, but enough to engage the ABS on a hard stop.


Check for some sort of mechanical issue, such as binding, if you only got 10,000 miles from the rear pads.

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I went with the soft EBC because the cost of rotors is so high. I've got about 10k on them but I haven't checked for wear.


A lot of us have been running hard pads and the effect on the rotor over the period of ownership - relative to other costs - is pretty insignificant.


There are a lot of satisfied customers running the EBC HH pads.


Like tyres, it's a personal thing.



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