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Should I update my 2610 or Get a new GPS???


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Since I don't have a bike, my 2610's bike worthness isn't needed anymore, but an updated map is.



$99 for an updated map set for the Garmin 2610




spending 100ish on an Auto GPS. Maybe refurbished GPS or from the Outet store. Refuurbished GPS Another Refurbished



Need the GPS for when I drive the for the Limo Company. Missed a couple of turns because new construction and it was the first time I driven since the construction. Like the screen size and the ability to make my routes. How do the people who bought the cheap-a$$ TomTom like it?


BTW no even considering the zumo - to damn expensive. I already know they are great.


Any recommendations????

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I replaced my 2610 with a refurbished 2720 from Digitech Deals last December for $116. It's easier to use than the 2610. Same size and comes ready to go.


Ride Safe


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My sister bought an inexpensiveTomTom from whatever warehouse club she belongs to - it was on sale ($150?) with a coupon. She promptly returned it - thought it sucked.

She borrowed my 2630 for a few days, and liked it. (But unfortunately, the great deals on those are long gone...)


You can buy a refurb Nüvi starting at under a couple hundred bucks. More or less the same interface, bright screen, internal battery, and a couple other features, depending on model. (Some of the have bluetooth speakerphone functions, play MP3s, have an FM transmitter to listen on the in-car radio, etc...) For automotive use, it's a good choice - and it slips nicely into a pocket as well - it's nowhere near as big and bulky as the Streetpilot 2xx0 series.

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Thats a tough call. For automotive use, I would much rather have all the features of a new GPS......BUT, I would hate to lose the ability to plan routes in Mapsource. Maybe I'm wrong, but as far as I know, non of the off the shelf GPS units support Mapsource. Which means they will take you to your desired location, but will not allow you to preplan routes on the computer and save them for future use. I also use my 2610 in my Jeep for plotting offroad trails. I don't think I could do that with a regular GPS as well.


Tough choice you have there. How old are the maps on your 2610? I think I would be inclined to spring for the new GPS for general use, but keep the 2610 around for special occasions where I might not want to take the most direct route to my desired location.

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Good points from all.


The maps are pretty old. Maybe 4-5 years. The fact that they are no longer supporting the 2610 is what makse me think of pulling the trigger. Also, and sometimes the cigarette lighters don't work on some of the cars - so a battery would be nice.


Doubt I'll keep the 2610 if I buy a new GPS, so keep your eyes for a smokin' deal on a 2610 :thumbsup:

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Even the updates for the 2610 maps are a couple years old. IIRC, They aren't supporting that map format any longer.

No, the 2010 'non-NT' update (the format the 2610 uses) is exactly the same as the current 2010 NT update in terms of map information, the only difference between the two is the type of data compression used. But as noted Garmin will no longer be issuing updates in the non-NT format so the 2010 update will be the last one available for the 2610 and earlier units.

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GARMIN 276C... iS tHE staple around here.


Prolly 15 members have it in our Bahnsturmers M/C club.


The learning curve is pretty high - so if one had a question, it seems like it's easily answered.

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