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Changing the front shock on an R1150 RT-P


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While I have the bike apart fixing the ignition wiring, I'd like to swap the front shock. I think this was discussed before, but here's the problem- The RTP has the engine surrounded by the police safety bar mounting frame. I don't know how to get the front shock off with that frame on, and taking the frame off is akin to blowing up the bike. Anyone done this?





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-Undo the 2 upper and 2 lower bolts on the frame that the crash bars mount to. Slide it down toward the exhaust header.

-Undo the bolts that secure the frame that the previous frame bolts to- once you remove one of the rearmost nuts, you can slide the threaded rod out the other side. Once loose, pull that loop in front of the shock as far forward as you can.

-Put a jack under the front of the engine, so that once the shock is free you can lift the bike and let the suspension drop as far as possible.

-Wrestle the old shock out and the new one in. Don't forget the rubber bushings around the top of the shock.


It's really not that bad; I only cursed a little, and don't think I lost any knuckle skin.

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Thanks, did it today. Almost followed your advice exactly, but was able to wiggle the shock out with the bike just on the center stand, no jack necessary. Took about an hour, and would be simpler if my hands were 1/2 size...

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There's a lot of projects on these bikes that would be much easier if we had sentient helper monkeys. Glad it worked out for you!

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