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5.25" RAM arm - advisable?


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Hey guys, I'm considering the 5.25" arm on the clutch/brake reservoir. Is this advisable or does it vibrate too much etc? Should I just stick with the 3.5"?



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I use the shortest Ram length available for my clutch reservoir. Anything longer is just too long. I bought the longer and tried it but it just got in the way.

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another vote on the shorter arm.

i have 3.5" mounted on the clutch res. cover and i would prefer it LOWER (more protected - i have a tomtom one for cars and it is not waterproof..) the speedo and tach are pretty low... as long as gps is above that level imho all is good. as an aside the ram mount looks very flexible but it pivots and swivels a lot less than i thought it would. still fine however.

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