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Roll Start?


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If there is not enough power in the battery to charge the fuel pump, then it's a no-go. I'd try for second gear. I know that you can bump start an ST1300. Never tried a beemer.

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It is tricky.......Those big cylinders tend to skid the rear tire in first gear, and getting it fast enough for a second gear start requires a hill.

And you do need enough battery to run the fuel pump and the ignition.

Generally, it is not worth it if the starter is functional.......You are better off rigging a jump start. Or charging the battery.

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No problems, yet - info stored away for drastic situations - ride/travel and camp alone - never know when I might have to roll down a mountain to get her started - thanks - Norm

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Good luck. I remember trying to push start my R75/6. Me, pregnant wife and 2 little girls pushing. After a few tries I pushed the bike in front of the car and gave it a boost. That was a 750 twin.


With a small hill and I could get it to fire.


Have not tried it with the 1100. Hope I don't have to.



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search for "bump starting". there's a thread on here somewhere.


it should work fine if your lights still work (ie. you need enough power to run the fuel pump). Choose 2nd gear.


I had a guy push start my r100/7 at a grocery store. worked fine. And I've rolled my 1100rs down a small hill with great success....

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Possible as long as the battery has enough power for the fuel pump and ignition.

If you have a steep grade start out in nuetral and with clutch disengaged shift into 3rd gear and engage clutch at the same moment you drop onto your seat from a standing position :P. That is about the only way to keep rear tire from sliding. Starting out while trans is in gear is harder, noticeably more drag than in nuetral.

I had two guys help push on a slight grade and finally got mine started on the third try...

I now have a "positive terminal extension" cable routed to underneath the seat to jump start with.

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3rd gear and just "dab" the clutch, any more and the bike will stop, or the rear wheel will lock, best done downhill or with a couple of helpers :) (2 broken starter motors don't ask me how I know about bump starting) :)

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funny just happened to me ! yesterday pushed it up and down the street to no avail got really tired and didn't start the bike. now its charged up (battery charger over night) and starts slowly. time for a battery ! 110 bucs at interstate. ARG !!!

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Step One is to know why you need to bump start.


On my R1100S (set up for touring), I installed an outside accessible terminal attached to the battery-direct connection on the starter motor assembly.


In Canada, a great many people (except bikers) ride around with jumper cables, standard winter practice. So easy to get a boost. You can make light-weight bike booster cables.


When boosting, what you are doing is pouring amp-hrs into your battery, not powering your starter motor (which isn't naturally easy through jumper cables and springy clips). So the idea is to charge for a few minutes, the longer the better. Then crank.


I rode an R69s more or less daily for 34 years. Gosh, I miss kickstarters... once every 15 years maybe.

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No problem on my '00. I had to bump start mine for several days when a lock-out switch on the clutch lever went bad. Later wised up, cut the wires at the switch and twisted them together until the new part came in. On a rare occasion I have also shut it off while rolling to allow the ABS to reset and eased the clutch back out to restart. No harm - no foul.



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