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Schuberth Helmets


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I've done the thread search and just wanted to see if there has been any additional information/updates on getting Schuberth helmets and accessories in the US.



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I wrote to them directly when I scratched up my visor on my C2 and looked for a replacement. It still does not look good that they will be on this side of the pond anytime soon, not even in Canada.


Dated 10/07/09 when I asked after I scratched my visor at the Colors in the Catskills they wrote.............



At this moment, we do not have a distributor for our helmets in Canada. This has several reasons, such as different standards, homologations, different technical specs we need for Canada. On the other hand, you may know that we have grown very strong during the last couple of years in Europe and we need all our capacities in our factory here in Germany to produce all helmets we sell in Europe. We are also re defining our global commercial plan and we will decide in the near future our strategy for the US market, which is for sure very interesting for us.


For the US market, a helmet has to be certified after DOT......


They did BTW send me a new visor.



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Schuberth has no problem selling helmets here in the US but refuses any service should a problem erupt. I have one sitting as a souveneir in my closet to remind me never to purchase their products again.



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I am on my third or fourth one. Last one I bought - I believe - from Helmet House about 2007. Had a problem with upper visor seal, they replaced the helmet.


There are several (at least there were in '08) sources for replacement shields - Google is your friend. If not, you can have it sent from one of the EU mail order houses, like Polo or Louis.


My first Schubert helmets were gray market, but the recent ones are official US DOT certified. Canadian certification may be a different story.


I am quite pleased with them, I still use two (depending on intercom hookup needed).


However, I do have to acknowledge that on the last one the quality has slipped: the liner is not well attached and the latch is very hard to operate.


Still, will probably buy another one soon because:


- fits my head shape well.

- the internal visor is very important to me. I tried a few other brands with visor and they did not impress me.

- cold-weather insulation is very good. My SyMax blows cold air from under the chin.





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I have two of them. A C1 and a C2. The quality is mediocre IMO. The liner comes loose and still you cannot remove all of the liner to wash. I love the sun shield and put black tape on it and lower it half way to use as a "visor" riding into the sun. Works great for that function. It is reasonably quiet for a flip helmet but I wouldn't buy another. Had issues with the latches on both. Very hard to keep in adjustment. I bought a Nolan N103 and like it much better. Liner comes out easily to clean and the latch works great as does the internal dark shield. It is not quite as quiet as the Schuberth but the quality is much better. It is a keeper.

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I've had two C2's.

I broke a clip on the shield and asked Francois if he could get one for me, he could and would but for laughs I sent a pic and e-mail direct to the manufacturer and they sent two clips postage paid and free!


I'll buy another when this lid is beyond service life.

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If you really want one you will probably need to find someone/someplace in Europe who will send it to you or if you get the chance go across the pond pick one up.


I've been using Schuberths exclusively for probably 8 or 9 years now, not including the 3-4 years I had my BMW system 3 helmet I bought over the net in the late '90's. For the Schuberths I've been bringing them back with me from Germany when I travel on business.


Currently we use a pair of "new" C2's which I bought and stored a few years ago, I pulled them out when the original Concepts finally got too ratty to keep using. I looked at the C3 while I was in Germany earlier this year. It has some improvements over the C2 and I almost bought it but with the weak dollar it is way expensive and my C2's are still like new after only little over half a year in service.


All i can say is that they are good when you can get them. I typically buy a spare visor, good thing with the C1 and C2 is that the visors interchange whereas on the C3 it is a different animal.

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Another happy Schuberth user here. I have two C2s and my wife a C1. Early C2s had an issue with the inside of the visor delaminating, which happened to one of mine. It looks like thin clingfilm and is presumably the anti-misting layer. Schuberth had a stand at the NEC bike show at Birmingham (not THAT one, the original one in the UK!) and I was given two replacements with profuse apologies. They could be better designed to accept an intercom headset, that is my only gripe.

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... I bought a Nolan N103 and like it much better...

John: what is your opinion of cold-weather capabilities of the N103? I have tried a few brands but never had access to a Nolan.


I do like the fact that the Schubert blocks cold air almost completely (it gets cold on my trips here and going North), but I have to agree: the fact that the liner does not come out for cleaning is a real problem.


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Robert, the Nolan seals around the neck about the same as my Schuberth does. I usually wear a short neck gaiter between the helmet and my jacket in cold weather and that seems to do the trick. Been on many rides in the 20s & 30s with no problem.

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I have had a couple of Schuberth's and currently have a BMW System 3. I am a big fan of them. I always wear a do rag or other cap between my hair and the helmet so the liner stays like new for years.

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Another happy Schuberth owner. I bought my first in 2000 and then purchased a C2 in 2006. I have been riding for almost fifty years and the Schuberth is the most comfortable helmet I ever used. I love the sun visor and the ease to remove the face shield. I wish they would become available in the USA again.

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