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03 R1150 GS Adventure general warning light


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I washed my GS the other day, I know - sacreligious!!! But since then, the triangle caution light just under the brake failure light stays on steady. The ABS seems to function normally. I did several hard braking actions and could not get the wheels to lock. The ABS modulated as advertised. I even tried holding down the ABS button, then turning the key on to disable ABS. That gives me both the brake failure and cuation light steady.


I will be checking the fluid level in the ABS unit under the seat tomorrow.


Any thoughts???

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Steve, check your rear brakelight. My 04 adv, which I have had since new has done this several times over the years. Sometimes it was out, other times I would take out the bulb and put it back in and it would cure it. It still comes on occasionally usually just just shut it off and a restart cures it.



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Steve, as a rule when you have ANY sort of actual ABS or brake failure the RED ABS light will also be lit or flashing..


When only the yellow general light is lit that usually points to non mechanical brake issues..


As Marty said check your rear brake/tail light bulb(s)..


You need to actually remove the bulb & look at it as a bulb can have a bad tail light filament that you can’t see as the ABS computer just brings the brake light bulb on at about ½ power then lights the yellow dash light..


Per BMW code chart__--Gen light ON, ABS light off = rear light/brake light defective--





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Thank you for this string!!! I had exactly the same problem, went on the Internet to search for a cause/solution and cam across this message and this forum. I joined the forum just so I could post this reply and say THANK YOU!!!!


A simple light bulb. Wow! Thanks!!

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Welcome to the group Zatoichi.


Wow, this thread is old!


...And the user name Twisty1 appears here. I don't know if he changed his user name but he had an amazing depth of knowledge that so far I can only see matched currently by one member who I won't name.

Thank you to Twisty1 ...and to those who have followed and helped resolve our technical problems. We salute you.

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