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Rapid WOT power loss


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1997 R110RT 54k


When I quickly roll to wide open throttle I get a loss of power for about 1-2 seconds, then power resumes normally. It is not pinging or detonation.


The problem is intermittent, having occurred at least twice in the last two weeks on two different tanks of gas.


Each occurrence was after stopping at a intersection and then pulling away quickly, followed by very rapidly rolling to WOT immediately after the shift into second.


It is possible the effect is normal and my riding habits have changed but I have been riding this RT for 18 months so its not new to me.


Maybe I am asking the engine to be more responsive than it is capable of. It feels as if I am leaning out the engine and it is not able to compensate quickly enough.

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At what RPM are you opening the throttle? When in a hurry, back when I rode a boxer twin, I pretty much ran the motor up to at least 6000 RPM in first before shifting to second and then was able to apply full throttle with no problems.


If you are short shifting first, as it sounds you are, you should be over 4K RPM before applying full throttle.

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