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lost dog


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I was at the supermarket last night and after shopping walked out and saw this dog tied up to a pole. I had been in the market for an hour and thought it was strange that the dog was still tied up. He didnt have any tags or ID on his collar. So I asked the manager about it and he said that the dog had been there the night before and at that time had his tags on him. So they had called the owner and he replied that he had forgotten about the dog and would come get him. So he came and got him. Now, back to me in the market. So here is the same dog back at the market with no Id tags. The manager thinks the owner didnt want the dog so he took the tags of so no one could contact him to return his dog. I waited there for hours along with a bunch of people trying to figure out what to do. 3 hours passed, and I determined I had to take the dog home. And so I did.

He is very happy here with my other dog and cats. Well behaved.

Going to the dog wash today and clean him up. My girl friend was a little upset to have more animals in our house and so after talking about it we agreed to at least attempt to find a nice home for our new friend. So we are in Seattle, and just wondering if anyone on this forum in the Seattle area would like a nice sweet well behaved loving dog. Please PM me and we can go from there. I said to to Laura that if we could throw in a gt or rt with the dog, we could get a good response. Anyway, no bikes included in this deal. But you would have a loving dog. (sleeps indoors only)(golden lab mix)


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If there's any way the store manager can pull up the dog owner's info (telephone logs for the evening in question are probably available) then you can turn it over the animal control (or police) so they can charge the scumbag. Abandoning an animal is a crime, though the penalty varies by municipality.


Thanks for stepping up and taking the beast home. I've done it more than a few times myself.


The funniest story played out thus:

Once we rescued an abandoned dog (left tied behind a vacant house) while we were on vacation, over 1000 miles from home. The Humane Society / Animal Control office in the little town was closed for the holiday weekend, so we figured our only option was to take her home to San Diego with us. We didn't want to be cooped up with a smelly, dirty dog for 15 hours on the road, so we had a groomer give her a bath - and what we had thought was a somewhat overgrown "german shepherd" mix (she was black and brown) turned into a completely white husky mix. (We were absolutely convinced that they were trying to give us back the wrong dog!)

We already had a crowd with THREE dogs in the household, and there was no way we were going to keep FOUR! But the San Diego Humane Society won't take in an animal unless you've had it a week or more, so after the requisite week, we took her down to let them find her a new home. (Along with a donation to help their fine mission.)

For three days my wife and the other dogs did nothing but mope around, clearly missing her -- so I went back to the Humane Society, and paid to re-adopt her!

It was something over 15 years later that she finally left for good. :cry:

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Your are a dog person, this dogs knows that. How many other people simply walked by this dog and didn't give it a second thought, in my mind you were meant to be together. We also have a full household including 2 dogs so I know what your girlfriend is feeling but somehow this just seems like karma that shouldn't be overlooked.


Good luck, I hope it all works out for the best.

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Big Update


After a near sleepless night keeping the home normal with a new doggie pal, I decided I had better take him to the vet for a checkup and to see if he had some sort of chip implant for Identification purposes. Well, he does have the chip. The Doc and I called the 800 number to find out what the story was. According to the chip info, we tracked it all the way to the dogs vet and discovered the dog and its licenses including rabies Etc were all up to date. We made a plan to call the registered owner and without saying we had the dog, make a determination as to the wellbeing and intentions of the owner. If it came out positive we would move forward. So we placed the call and the phone is answered by a woman who seems to be crying. Well needless to say we asked why she was crying to which she responded that someone had stolen her dog from their yard and they had searched all over town. We then felt assured and told her that her dog was fine and at the doctors office. She went into hysteria and after a few moments of calming we gave her the address and she was leaving work immediately to come get her pal. As for the incident of the dog being tied to the pole 2 nights in a row, I cant figure that out. I certainly don't believe she would have or could have done that. The doctor promised me further that when she did come to get the dog, if he had any suspicions, he would not release the dog.

I offered to pay for the checkup etc and he said forget about it.

My dogs and cats are all sitting quietly as I type, thanking god for all my furry friends and hoping that this once upon a time lost dog is going home to a family as good and loving as mine.

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How wonderful of you and your family, Bobby. I hope it all works out. Sure is a strange story, huh?


Something is weird. Sounds as if someone is using the dog to get back at the woman. Very weird and very sad.

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Well, best to return the pooch to it's family. Who knows what the deal was. Maybe the tag on the collar, and the microchip led to two different people... But you're not CPS (nor Dog Protective Servies...), so all you can really do is check for obvious abuse, and return him. I know that if I had a choice to save my dog, or certain family members from a burning building, the dog wins! You have to assume this owner feels the same way.


Great story.



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Before any strays get onto my place, I give them a flea bath to prevent an investation. Good job finding the dogs owner, hope it works out well for the dog.

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