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TAT Part 5...or "how to pass a Kidney stone.


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This trail was really like nothing else I’ve ever done from a scenery perspective. In addition to the scenery it had smooth sections, rough sections, some steep climbs and descents, some deep sand similar to what I had ridden in last winter on the Baja peninsula. None of it horribly technical, but we needed every arrow in the quiver at some point or another. Every point on the compass begged to be photographed. My pics are very similar to what Todd and Mark have posted already, but I’ll throw in a few.














Click pic.



There is nothing quite like riding along and realizing that the dust cloud in front of you is from your buddy crashing. I didn’t see Mark’s crash, but the dust was still in the air when I got there. My first thought was to hope he wasn’t hurt so bad that he couldn’t continue to ride out. My gps showed that we still had several hours to get out of there, probably 50 miles of dirt left then 25 or so of pavement and the shadows were already getting long. There was some lightning in the distance as we continued, and I started to worry that the trail could get much worse in even a little rain. I gave up on the camera and continued to try to push a steady pace to get out of there. Then the old klr blew another headlight fuse and we had no more. I had no choice but to wire around it with safety wire and hope we didn’t fry the harness.


We ran in to a really cute ranger who confirmed we were on the right path but I was discouraged when she said we still had another hour and 45 minutes to get to the pavement. She couldn’t keep her eyes off of me…or, maybe it was the other way around I’m confused now…


It is very difficult and dangerous to try to follow the trail after dark and at one point I missed a turn and buried the 950 up to the axles in deep sugar sand. After finally freeing it, I found the trail again and we continued. I kept thinking about Mark riding this rough road, unable to stand and take some of the jarring out of his ribs. Tough dude that boy.


By the time we got to Moab it was about 11pm, and all the restaurants were closed. While the guys got showered I rode down to a gas station and bought some packaged deli style sandwiches. We were beat to say the least.


Thanks so much for the nice comments. More later…


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Today should have been the last day on the trail thru LaSal pass,John Brown canyon and the Divide RD,but Mark was in a lot of pain and Kenny and I were pretty well spent from the long days and the rough terrain,so we decided to bag it and take the easy road back.


With a little map searching we found a great departure route from Moab that would still provide some great scenery and keep the bumps to a minimum.


Route 128 NW out of Moab is a great ride.













We are 10+ over the limit and I'm shooting video with my left hand in the air.One of Utah's finest passes the other direction and thinks I'm waving at him,so he returns the wave.Kenny and Mark are behind me and return the wave and we keep on rolling. :grin:


Click on pic






Before long we found the truck and loaded the bikes





I went to wash my hands and upon my return this is what I saw.





Actually the pic was a bit later after we cleaned off all the blood running down Kennys leg.


Can't leave these guys alone for a minute without them getting into trouble... :rofl:


Kenny scared the crap out of me..he was moaning and I thought he was having a heat attack... :eek:

...instead,I find out he was just trying an inverted flying W...off the trucks tailgate,missed the landing and hit the trailer tongue...Gotta watch these kids all the time.. :grin:







We tried to load Kenny in the truck but it was a no go, so the little red wagon was called.


I'm pretty sure Mark has a pic that needs inserted here..



Three busted ribs plus some major bruising,netted Kenny an overnight stay in the hospital.



Mark and I grabbed another top quality Motel room....(Bluegrass convention in town)





and another day ended.




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About 1250 miles of riding with no problems, and then I pull a bone headed move as Todd described. I got in the truck to make room for my gearbag. I'm kneeling on the tailgate, put my foot on the tongue to step down and it slips as I transfer weight to it. I roll off and land sideways on my right side on the tongue, which forces all the air out of my lungs. After struggling to catch my breath for about 30 minutes, I decide I better get things looked at. We were 3 minutes away from pulling out for home when I fell. DAMNIT!







Problem is, no way I can climb in the truck with this much pain. Gotta get some help. And of course, my buddies head straight for their cameras.



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Er doc says 3 or 4 busted ribs, bruised right lung and they want to watch me overnight, so I am admitted.


The floor nurse couldn't keep her eyes off of me, or maybe that was the other way around too...I was heavily medicated. The staff at Montrose Memorial were very nice. Did I say DAMNIT!

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Dang, dude, you're as clumsy as Phil! :grin:


Oh, sorry you got hurt. Really.


No he's not. He made it more than 50 yards! :)


Perhaps the 3 of you should try another, "less" impactful sport.





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Perhaps the 3 of you should try another, "less" impactful sport.




The thought of selling the bikes did cross my mind, but only for a brief moment.


I have no more pictures.


One video I wish I had was big-t going up a nice climb while 8 cute mountain biker chicks were coming down. A little too much throttle with very little weight on the front tire made for another "glad I had this body armor" moment. Gotta pick your moments better Todd. :grin:


Hearing the loud thud followed by very strange Kenny groans, was a sickening feeling. I looked over just in time to see the truck suspension rebounding. Seeing him draped across the metal bars, I knew instantly he messed himself up good. Now give us some credit Kenny...we got the sympathy thing out of the way, cleaned up your leg, got you some pain meds, called 911...and then and only then (feeling invorgorated by no longer being the weakest link) did I pull out the camera phone :grin:


The other plus, while Kenny was restricted to a liquid diet, Todd and I finally had time the next morning for a decent breakfast. Picture, Todd?

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One video I wish I had was big-t going up a nice climb while 8 cute mountain biker chicks were coming down. A little too much throttle with very little weight on the front tire made for another "glad I had this body armor" moment. Gotta pick your moments better Todd. grin



None of the bikes got away without a nap or two.


Pressure suits are great.... :thumbsup:

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Again,a new day dawns.Always check with a local to find a good breakfast spot.






Breakfast was GOOOD!!....and we were pretty sure Kenny was eating just as good at the hospital.. :rofl:










Maybe we ought to check on Kenny..


He is looking good............maybe because of all the Morphine is his system..




The Doc shows up......They dress a little different in this part of the country :Cool:






Kenny is cleared for the trip to Denver(lots of pain pills)and we are rolling

The plan now is to get Kenny and Mark to Denver for a flight home.There is no way Kenny is going to be able to bounce along in the truck for 1500 miles and Mark has to depart for NYC the next day.




Crossing Monarch Pass





Get that ugly thing outta my face...






Seems like a shame to have to leave Colorado,there is so much more to see.











Oh....the kidney stone.


I was the big risk on this trip as I have been carrying a stone for several months(a couple of ER visits)

Not my first,got plenty of experience with them and I felt OK with trying the trip,even though there is always some risk.

With all the bumps and banging I figured it would come out the first day,but no such luck.It waited until the last evening before I could finally give birth to a rather small stone.









WE WILL BE BACK.........I'm pretty sure we missed a road or two.. :clap:






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The thought of you riding 1200 miles with that stone, passing it on the last night, sticking your hand into the foamy toilet to grab it, popping out of the bathroom singing "I Feel good" while busting out your best attempt at a James Brown dance move...man...it hurt sooo bad to laugh, but I couldn't hold it back. That was classic! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Always awesome riding with you two! Despite Kenny and I getting banged up and the bike issue, this was a really great trip!


Now the reality of only 2 weeks of vacation sets in.....

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I agree, it was a great ride. I would like to see the part of the white rim trail we missed due to darkness sometime. So many places to ride out there, though congress may close 9.5 million acres this week in Utah alone. Let's hope they don't.

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I'm about out of superlatives so I'll just say thanks for taking everyone along, it was almost like being there.... but not quite.


Kenny, hope you're healing up, I've got a few more gaps and water crossings that need testing before too long.



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Great report fellas. Man, kidney stones, counted 5 tweaked ribs between two guys, deep lacerations, diesel fuel in a gas tank (thought that nozzle looked a little big)....fun times for all.

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What an amazing RR. I have been out looking at bikes with those funny tires this past week and this report may have sealed my fate.


Next time how about taking Marty and showing him how a real RR is done, you know, one with pictures!


Thanks for taking the time to share the videos, pictures, and commentary.


ps. Bill, also as exciting as another dip you and I shared on occasion!

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ps. Bill, also as exciting as another dip you and I shared on occasion!


George, my memory's a little fuzzy, did we have a rain race I'm forgetting?


I just got it. :grin:


Ah yes, the dip. Exciting is an understatement. Every lap I'd look down there and go, "am I gonna make it this time?"


One particularly vivid memory; somehow I'd gotten side-by-side with Brian at the bottom and for some stupid reason looked over (as if that might solve the problem). He was looking back at me smiling. :grin:


Getting a dual sport will change your life, hope you do. And hope we can catch up one of these days and do some riding.

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You'll be marveling and laughing about this terrific trip for many years to come. I hope that by then the pain is a distant memory.


Thanks for sharing your great stories. First rate reports.

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