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Who's in? Republic WA, July 24,25,26.


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We are going to the rally in Republic WA in a couple of weeks.


Anybody else attending? Fine riding in this area.

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Out. Can't make it due to work. I was really happy to hear the WA St Club was going back to Republic. Fantastic riding in the area, and very few WSP's assigned to that area of the state.


I think the Rebublic Chamber of Commerece sends the local Sherrif off on a fishing trip that weekend so that there aren't any "awards" issued to discourge the club from bringing much needed cash into the region.


Have fun, wish I were joining.

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FYI- a few weeks back there was a large harley gathering in Republic and there were police patrolling Hwy 21 north/south and one was parked on top of Sherman pass.


Maybe they will stay home when you are there, but take care anyway.

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WSBMWR put on a good rally, wish I could attend this one. I see they will once again have an oyster bar, YUMMM!


Just as an FYI, the rally is from the 23rd through the 26th. You won't miss too much showing up on the 24th except for the first night of camping which you will pay for regardless.

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