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Rocker arm adjustment video

John in NC

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John in NC

I saw this well done video on the topic and can't find it again. Does anyone have the link. Also, any tips/suggestions before doing this wold be appreciated.




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John, do the rocker arm end play on a very cold engine (overnight cold if possible).. The rocker side gap grows as the engine heats so if set to minimum clearances on a warm engine the gap can go below minimum on a cold morning & possibly cause a sticking rocker arm..


Keep checking (& re-checking) the end play as you progressively tighten the carrier bolts & cyl head nut.. Usually the end play changes as you re-tighten the bolts/nuts so you need to then back up & skew the end play so it goes where you want it as you tighten the bolts/nuts..


Personally I like to use a dial indicator as opposed to feeler gauges.. The dial indicator shows the TRUE & ACTUAL end play.. A feeler gauge only shows the gap where the feeler gauge is placed & as you will find you can’t get a feeler gauge all the way around & behind the rocker arm..


When all re-set & the bolts/nuts are tightened down-- physically move the rocker arms,, you need to feel a little movement,, if you don’t feel a little movement go back over everything as maybe it is too tight..


Don’t forget the initial torque on the cyl head nut then the additional ½ turn..


Otherwise straight forward..











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Thanks for the comments Twisty. Now surely someone out there has seen the video in question. I downloaded it once but can not find it again.

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Might be here




You could try the url/link but if it sends you to a dealers page then just type it in manually and hit go.

Look in the training section.


Cheers :thumbsup:



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