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The Tetons from the West side (?)


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Just checking to see if anyone has experience seeing the Teton Range from the West side?


I have seen it from the East side which is of course the classic view but, hey, mountains have more than one side.


Thoughts, experience, recommended roads to take or avoid all welcomed.


We will be doing Yellowstone later in August and will see the mountains from the East,but before then- maybe a short ride to just check it out.

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I forgot to mention you want to take Rt. 33 east which is just north of Rexburg. The pass going to Jackson is beautiful. Rt. 31 and Rt. 26 are great as well.

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Stan Walker

It's pretty country on the West side of the Teton Range, it would be a nice place to retire to, but the mountains viewed from there are not as majestic as when viewed from the East. Not even close.



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WY-22 from Victor to Wilson is a nice short pass run. Steep and narrow, but IIRC striped. ID-31 from Swan Valley to Victor is also a very nice run.


ID-33 to US-20 is the run along the west side of the Tetons, from Victor to Island Park. A nice run. Beehive Beemers stay in Victor for the summer campout and you can do that run in a short day. Views are not what you get on the east side, but still very worthwhile. You are riding through high farm country. Mostly straight with a few turns here and there. The State Park, Harriman, is worth a stop. Waterfalls. Not much in the way of services from Victor to Island Park, IIRC. Might want to carry a lunch to eat in the park.


If you like, proceed further from West Yellowstone to Bozeman on US-191. That is a great motorcycling road there. No Teton views on that stretch however.

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dONE iT many times...would love to live in one of those little towns - like "teton".


It's is flat...loads of ground crops - obvious more snow on the east side - but certainly not as busy.


Enjoy it.!

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