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Advice on lower bar risers?


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I'm very comfortable with the stock bar position on my 1150RT but I'm curious what a lower position might feel like. Seems bar backs abound but has anyone moved in the other direction? What hardware is available and what's a good source for it?

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Dunno, but I think you might have a problem with the grips running into the fairing. Check clearances.

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The only ways I can think of are:


1) have a machinist remove material from the bottoms of the handlebars. Pricey, and not much difference, given the amount of metal that could be removed without affecting strength;


2) Replace the handlebars with standard tubular mounts, and pick a handlebar of appropriate bend.


Either is going to require custom machine work, and is probably not worth the effort.

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Well o.k. then. Thanks for the insight. I reckon that's why I haven't found anything off the shelf to get a more sporting position. When turned full lock, it appears as though there's enough clearance to go a little down and a little forward but maybe only an inch or so. And maybe that's not enough to merit marketing different risers . . .

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Hey becket,


I have often wondered about the same thing. A little more sport like lean would work good for me too.. I’ll start looking to see what options there might be, but I’m sure there are any off of the shelf like you mention..


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If you want a boxer with a more sporting bent, look for a R1150RS. You give up a little in wind protection but the get the same engine/handling package - it even takes the same luggage.



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