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Rear Wheel Vibration in Turn


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I've started sensing a vibration in my rear wheel when making a slower speed left turn. I don't notice all the time. I'm worried it could be final drive related but not sure what to look for and surprised I don't feel it more at higher speeds.


Newer PR2 tires (balanced) on bike with about 2K on them.

Major service done annually in springtime including all fluids.

Brakes are still original OEM pads but not completely worn down.


Any ideas?





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Check the tires front and rear for CUPPING. I had the same type sound/symptoms on my bike with my worn cupped Metz 880s. It went away when I changed tires (original pilot roads). Hope all is well with you!


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Hey Paul, I have an extra mounted rear wheel if you want to try it and see if it is tire/wheel/balance related. Lemme know.....

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Jerry Duke

Put the bike on the centerstand so the rear wheel turns freely. Grab it at 6 and 12 and see if there's any movement. Also check at 3 and 9 for movement. I would also change the FD oil and see if there's any metal in there.

If there's just movement, you might be able to retorque the swingarm and pivot bearing and take care of it. But if there's metal shavings in the FD I would pull it and send it to an independent mechanic for a rebuild. Anton did a great job for me.

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I have PR2's mounted, and the rear seems to do that after the first 1000 miles or so with no visible cupping. And more so turning left tha right. I think it's the tread design.

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For those following the thread...

Paul made the long trek over and we checked out the final drive.


No issues there...not even the "barely perceptible" play that I usually can find.


Tires are visibly good.


The only possible I can think of is an unlikely "ply separation " issue...

Tread Plies/Material: 2 Polyester/ 1 Aramid

Sidewall Plies/Material: 2 Polyamide


If the vibration gets worse or noticeable in more speed ranges. then I would swap out the tire and see if the issue disappears.

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I'd go with "cupping".....put your hand flat on the tire tread area and spin it....no resistance should be met in either direction. Cupping is usually detected by spinning the wheel backwards....you'll feel the tread raised unevenly. Sometimes undetectable unless you do this.


Also check wheel trueness by a runout method . You may have a dinged wheel.


Good luck. :thumbsup:



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I've started sensing a vibration in my rear wheel when making a slower speed left turn.....

Newer PR2 tires (balanced) on bike with about 2K on them.


Hi Paul,

I think it is your tyres.

I have just fitted a set, and completed a tour. Sad to say that although the grip is good, vibration and noise is considerable. The noise occurs and comes on quite hard at the just off vetical, and attenuates as you lay the bike further over. Also, it diminishes as you get faster.

I have just replaced a set of Avon Storms, which were a much nicer tyre in terms of noise, but Oh how I miss my old Bridgestone 020's (discontinued and replaced with inferieor 021's).


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Similar issues are common with ME880 rears. As they wear they get noisier and vibrate in turns, but are quiet when going straight. I currently have this problem on my ST1300.

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