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r1100rt - Neutral switch problem


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Most of the time I can not find neutral, the light indicator does not light up (it is itermittent), I have to look at the digital gear indicator. It feels like the switch is dirty, full of grit and oil. To start the bike I have to press the clutch. Yes, I think I have a bad neutral switch.


Has anyone experienced this problem?... how easy is to repair/replace the switch? the manual is not very clear, it shows to be internal to the housing. To me that's a LOT of work. Any suggestions?



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Common problem, but not all that easy to fix.


The switch is located on the outside back end of the tranny, and the swingarm, driveshaft, etc. have to be pulled off to get to it.


Not impossible of course, but it's a bit of work.

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This is in the wrong forum, hopefully it'll get moved to the oilhead forum.


On to the answer:

This is a very common problem on the 1100 series. The switch is (externally) on the back of the transmission, blocked in by the rear swing-arm. Someone posted a how-to in one of my threads, on how to replace the switch without fully pulling off the swing-arm. I was too scared, and too anxious to get back to riding to fix it at that time. I will replace it when I do the clutch.


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My 96 does the same thing. Not worth the effort of repairing unless you have other problems.


Agreed. Don't bother. Mine has done that for years. Some days more than others. Actually, now that I think of it, it's been working for a couple weeks now. Try to get used to it -- the repair is a PITA. I can't say that I need to find neutral all that often anyway. :grin:

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Thanks, I think the project will be postponed until next winter, now is too hot here in AR to be working out in the garage anyway. The repair manual was not too explicit on location, but I got the hint that it would be a PITA.


I got to do other repairs, but none longer than 1/2 hour, then out to riding (early in the day or at the evening).



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My neutral switch started getting "lazy" and eventually stopped working altogether. I waited until I did a spline lube (when it's about half-way apart for a NS R/R) and replaced it then...



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I found on my 1100R that if I parked the bike in neutral instead of first gear the switch would usually work. Parking in gear seemed to cause the switch to stick open, hence no indicator light.

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So....you pull the clutch in and start the bike then let it out. Bike stays running. I don't see the big deal.

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I realize this is a very old thread, but I am always either having to pull in the clutch (even though the RID indicates "0") or when I stall the cycle, I just pull the clutch in because invariably it is still in a forward gear. The latter tends to happen at the most inopportune times. Eventually when the clutch plate needs replacing, the neutral switch will also get replaced--but that adds $100+ to the repair bill. Those switches are expensive and also require a new oil seal.

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