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removing crash bar subframe ??


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2004 R1150RTP

I had a bolt brake off in the front crash bar subframe and in trying to remove the bolt, broke the easy out in the hole.(I'll never learn)

A machinist told me he could destroy the broken bolt and easy out with a rod and sound waves (?) but I am nervous about removing the old subframe for him to work on. (don't want to brake another bolt removing the exhaust headers)

OR...should I cut off the end with the broken bolt then have it rewelded ?

What can I do to minimize the chance of breakage ? heat > Liquid wrench ? It's also time to check the alt. belt and I have doubts that I can just "slip it out" with the crash bar subframe in place.

Appreciate any insight.


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You need a techdaze. :)


It depends on which bolt broke off. The subframe around the engine really wraps around 3 or 4 sides of the engine.


The bolts near the exhaust and the side ones through the fairing both mount directly to that subframe--next to impossible to get that thing off w/o major disassembly. (I think)


The supporting ones under the cylinders are mounted back near the transmission, and should be readily removable.


For the alt. belt:

get a hacksaw, and cut the cover about 1/2 way up, so that there's an upper piece and a lower piece. THEN (and ONLY then), the cover comes off relatively easily for maintenance. There are threads about this.


To get the alt belt checked, I always have the crashbars and tupperware off, but I'm not sure that's actually necessary.


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I already sent Allan a picture of this, but for others-


The RTP (at least the 1150, not sure aobut the 1100) has a 2 piece front crashbar subframe. One "inner" piece looks like it is common to other bikes, and the larger "outer" piece is set up to attach to the cop front crash bars (through the fairing). This outer piece is where Allan's bolts broke, and I have seen this on a friend's bike as well.


I removed mine during the complete disassembly of my '03 RTP, and don't remember the exact details, but I THINK this outer piece is relatively easy. There are only 4 bolts (2 at the engine front bottom, and 2 that attach to the "inner" more common subframe piece) and the attachments for the shark fins. Of course lots of tupperware has to come off first, and I think the exhaust.


Anyone wants the picture, PM me.





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