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R1100RT front pad replacement


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Hi guys,


Just in the process of doing my first pad replacement on my R1100RT. Rears done fine, no problem. Pulled the fronts off, and the old pads have springs on them where the pad retaining pin goes through. The new pads (aftermarket) dont have springs. They don't look to be reuseable. What exactly do the springs do ?



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Joe Frickin' Friday

The springs keep the pads from rattling when you're going over bumps. It's a luxury/noise issue, and your brakes will provide normal braking function without them. If you want to keep them, it may be possible to transfer the springs to the new pads if you're talented with a drill and a pop-rivet gun.


Me? I forgot to do that years ago when I threw away the stock pads. Ever since, I just used tack-spray on the back of the new pads. Make sure the piston faces are well cleaned and grease/crud-free; put a generous coat of tack on the back of the new pads, let it dry just a bit, then install them. Normal brake actuation will squeeze the pads and pistons together; the pads should then stay in place nicely and not rattle.

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Thanks mate,


In the 10 minutes since I've posted, I've drilled them out and riveted them to the new pads. All looks fine so we'll see how we go.



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John Dickens

The old EBC replacement pads (FA246) didn't have the springs on and I used them for 5-6 years with no problem.


The new EBC replacement pads (FA407) do have the springs on and I'm now using them.


In use there is no difference what so ever.

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