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Hard Acceleration Question


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I asked this a while back, but I don't think I got any responses so clearly I haven't described the problem well enough. You all are an incredibly helpful group so it's clearly not you. It's driving me crazy so let's try it again.


I have an 02 1150RT and I never noticed this before (which is to say it MIGHT have been there before), but after I changed the QDs after one broke, now if I accelerate hard in any gear, the engine lugs like it's not getting enough fuel. It's the same sound/feel I might get for just a second if I don't give it enough gas when I start out at a light in first gear.


Is this normal? Am I the only one with this? I just feel like I can't give it tons of gas fast and while it rides fine otherwise, it just doesn't seem right. It's got 21k on it and I'm figuring at 24k I'll replace the fuel filter (seems to be a brutal procedure for a filter replacement) along with the other larger service stuff.


Any thoughts? Wondering if the QDs are restricting the fuel or something or if I didn't something wrong when I put them on.



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Incidentally, like one thread I read where the description is similar, it's does not happen at a constant or specific RPM.

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Sometimes the QD's are not "seated" right....try disconnecting and reconnecting them when they are lined up and seat them firmly.

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Thanks Phil. I realized that I probably shouldn't have used the screw/worm hose clamps as well so I'll replace them with the FI clamps when I check them. I think the hose is 5/16 . . . does that sound right?



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I didn't change the filter . . . not yet. I'll do that before too long. One thought is that the clamps on the QDs aren't seated well enough and i'm not getting enough pressure in the line.

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I just changed my filter to the external model and I used those band clips that have the bolt and nut on them (not the worm type). I haven't run it yet so I don't know how it's going to turn out.


Not sure if that was helpful in any way...

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