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Any FRK Module owners in here?


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Looking at the FRK module for my R1200RT, which already has a full Remus system.


Looking for anyone that can comment on their experience with this products.


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I have had a frck module fir about a month. Ihave a Remus full system no buffle. The bike has been tested on a continuous run of 11.5 hours start at sea level approx 95- 103 degrees F and ending at elevation 6047 at 63-71 degrees F. Power is improved, vibration is less, gas millage is the same or a little better. Very easy to install or remove......a little pricey but I would recommend it. It does transform the bike .....takes away abit of the EPA lean condition. They make two units for the rt one for a modified bike and one for a stock bike ..gar





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This thing seems to be all the rage on the K-bike forum. I haven't tried one (no real desire to since the bike seems to run just fine as is) but I have to say that the FRK module just kind of screams 'snake oil' at me. That's only an opinion because I haven't seen one actually tested by an independant agency, just a lot of positive user reports which unfortunately don't mean much all by themselves as most people don't talk themselves int spending $300+ on a product and then report that it doesn't work. You get the same amouint of positive reports from those 'turbulator' intake devices or just about any other performance add-on. There are some user-submitted dyno graphs on their web site but they show something in the neighborhood of a 15-20% (!) increase in horsepower, all due to a device that alters the intake air temperature reading (and that's all the FRK module does.) Hmmm...


I did see a post where an owner looked at the real-time data from his GS-911 and noted that with the FRK installed he saw a 25F intake air temperature reading at all times, so the FRK does do something. But it would seem that could also be done with a 20-cent resistor (assuming that you could really gain that much power by spoofing the IAT sensor in the first place.)


I'm not saying that the FRK module doesn't do what it claims or that anybody has been fooled or anything else as don't haven't seen any objective tests of the product. I'm only saying that there's a lot about all of this that leaves me with doubts.


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There appears to be schools of thought

This unit is a resistor of some kind not worth the money

This unit works well I don't care about money it's simple


I read all the posts prior, desided to try it and like many it just works well.

I do feel that dyno testing is just a piece of the puzzle.......been riding 40 years built a bunch of motors .....jetted and timed by reading plugs and acceration time trails also used my ears. Not very scientic but it worked. The fck module appears to work well for my bike........field tested and approved by me for me......Gar


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