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Any phans of phi out there?


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I enjoyed using Excel to generate an approximation of the golden ratio some years ago. And I used it in the design of some school projects. I question its supposed aesthetic value.


But I am a math teacher, so what would you expect?

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I've always been interested in this... as a photographer, epistemologist (is that a word?), and amateur theologian.


I've also seen in Mandlebrot Sets, something eerily familiar / similar.


To me it speaks of order underlying what appears to be chaos in the "natural" world.


Of course, those who see no cause or purpose to the universe will simply apply the reductionist argument and be done with it.

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Hmm. This doesn't appear to be about the Panther Hollow Inn (the bar closest to Carnegie Mellon -- at least when I was there.)


They did do something right with the ratios in their Purple Hooters.

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I've used approximations of the Golden Ratio in some woodworking projects. Indispensable when you're a fan (as I am) of Craftsman/Mission designs.

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