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BMW parts.....is there any recourse???


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So here's the story...

R1100R with a Cee Baileys windshield. Held on by 4 (expensive!) BMW stock brackets. Had the lower LH bracket (viewed from seat) snap earlier this year. So I bought another (new) bracket and, lo and behold, the freakin' thing snapped again in the same place. Now....everything on the bike and shield is aligned correctly so no extra load on this particular part of the support system.


The bracket is tubular and flattened at the handlebar end. They both snapped 1/8" in from the drilled hole exactly where the round tube is crimped to form the flat end for the handlebar bolt.


Any of you BMW dealer guys (or other folks with parts issues) out there heard of this before and/or is there any methodology to sending the part back under complaint?


Many thanks




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I think you may have trouble getting very far with a complaint if you were using an aftermarket windscreen (which might present a load in excess of the original design.) But the failures are still odd... don't believe I've heard of any problems with reasonably-sized aftermarket windscreens in the past...

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Heard of, and have seen, more than a few issues caused by aaftermarket scrrens, particualalry when larger than stock.

What size is the Cee Baileys?

I'm guessing at least +2 or +4.

Remember that increases in size create exponential increases in force.

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Yup, its noticeably larger than the stock R1100R BMW screen!

And, upon reflection, I do believe I would be SOOL trying to obtain anything from BMW :cry:


While its in the 70's through 90+ here in TX, I am running the bike nekkid and enjoying it way better. However, will need to put the screen back on for our cooler weather. Still need the part but looking for an engineering solution now.....!

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Sorry this happened to you Phil, but it is very opportune for me that you brought up this problem at this time. I just received my new Cee-Baileys taller (+2") and wider (+4") windshield. I'm a bit apprehensive about mounting it now unless something can possibly be done to beef up those brackets.

I'll pull off one of them and bring it to a welder and ask.

Good luck with yours.

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Hey Mike!


I mentally reviewed my last ride with my CB windshield installed and I remembered a substantial "dip" in the road which I hit at speed and jarred both me and the bike.


Given the design of the brackets and the installation set-up, it appears that the majority of any such load would be focussed more on the bottom two brackets :(.


If you can find a good welder, having the bottom brackets mftd from, say, 1/2" flat steel would allow some "spring" or give to the brackets and would prevent the loading being focussed on the point where the crimped tube was flattened for the bolt hole.

You could look at using the last inch or so of the existing bracket for the windshield installation.


PITA innit !!!




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