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R1150RT Lowering

German Rider

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German Rider

I am considering lowering my 2004 R1150RT to get my feet on the ground.

Does anyone have some advice: Ohlins vs Works Performance (others??)?

Is this a good thing or bad thing to consider? What are the consequences?

Should I consider installing the upgrade myself or leave it to the shop?

Other thoughts? (Maybe leg implants!) confused.gif

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Have you thought of a quick turn on a medieval rack?


The "shorter shock" method works well, but - you loose some cornering clearance. Depending on how you ride that may or may not be a problem. You will also need to get your stands shortened, although I have a freind who had the sidestand shortened but not the mainstand. He can still get it up on the stand but it is some effort.


Fitting shocks on an RT is an afternoons job, less if you dont stop for tea halfway through.


I am what we in England call a short**se - I have a 28 inch inseam, my solution to the RT height issue was to have a custom seat made, with the seat lowered and narrowed as far as the base would allow. I had a gel-pad fitted to allow comfort with less height. This worked for me. I can't flat-foot the bike on both sides - I choose the uphill side or I can get the soles of both feet down. I know some folks use built up soles on their boots, but I dont like that, it interferes with my use of the controls.


Cya, Andy thumbsup.gif

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What are the consequences?


Mostly....cornering clearence...the RT is lacking in that department as it is.


Have you tried some of the seats that are available? I hate to see anyone give up suspension for ride height. But in some cases it can't be avoided.


Other than that...what Andy said. thumbsup.gif

The install is easy and a competant fabricator can shorten your side stand....if it's needed.


I would install the shocks first and judge for yourself if either stand needs to be shortened.


Ohlins will build a shock to your specs, and so will Works Performance. Works performance does not keep shocks on the shelf so it's a build it as you order anyway. Although I am partial to Ohlins I think Works Performance may be your best choice.

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I went with the shortened seat and Works shocks on my 04 RT. The seat is a Sargent’s seat that came on the RT when I bought it. I called them and was able send them the front seat and they sent me a shortened one for around 200. The shocks were not that bad to install, but I have always worked on my own when possible. Works called when they were ready to build the shocks and I sent them a new stock rear shock that I found on EBay really cheap. They pressed off the preload adjuster and installed it on the new Works shock. I did shorten both stands. I had to be real careful when I used the side Stand before it was shortened. You could look at it the wrong way and it looked like it would fall over. Before I shortened the RT I had major doubts about keeping it. confused.gif It seemed too top heavy and every time I stopped it seemed like it could turn into an adventure in a heart beat. Since the RT has been shortened it feels a lot more stable and finally gives me the confidence to finally enjoy it. cool.gifcool.gif

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Before you get too far in the 'I'll lower my suspension' thought track, first, find someone with a R1100RT and ask if you can borrow their 'narrow' saddle.

You may find that this gives you the leg length to get your feet on the deck. If this works, there will be plenty of these much cheaper saddle options available at a local bike breaker.(Or dealer, or e-bay, or this web site or......).

Best of luck.


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