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R1100RT brake pad recomendations


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Hi folks, Im down almost to bare metal on my front brake pads.. Has anyone got a good deal on brake pads lately (either internet or mail order), or just recommend a certain vendor? Anyone recommend or NOT recommend a certain vendor?


Also, Im debating on whether to buy BMW or aftermarket (EBC) pads.. any thoughts?




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I choose EBC organics for my RT and GS. Way better than OEM. For all I know, sintered metallic are even better, but I don't need more stopping power than the organics provide.


For R1100RT's, or R1150GS's:

front: 2 sets of FA246

rear: 1 set of FA363 (old p/n was FA245, I think)


FWIW, EBC only sells sintered HH pads for my VFR, so thats what I'll buy when it's time to change them. Strangely enough, the VFR takes the same pads, front and rear.

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I ordered a set of EBC FA246HH.. Any experiences?

I just cant bring myself to pay $58/per for OEM pads. Im hoping that they are less dusty as well..


I was going to try the Kevlar for 28/pair, but this product descrip convinced me to try the "HH"'s



"Feature a friction rating of HH - the highest in the industry

Last twice as long as organic pads and provide maximum brake effect"


What do ya'all think?

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I ordered a set of EBC FA246HH..




What do ya'all think?


I think you are going to need another set for your other front caliper.


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After trying EBC pads that rattled (no anti rattle clips) and Ferodo pads that squealed during low speed braking, I went back to OE Textar pads from Motobins they work just fine.

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On the recommendation of a good fried of mine that owns an independent bike shop in Houma La. (Motorcycle Performance Specialist) I went with a set of SBS (Scandinavian Brake Systems) pads in the HH friction rating.

No squeals, rattles, etc.

The stopping power of the SBS pads are flat out astounding.

They put the OEM pads to shame !!!!

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I have used EBC 245's since 96 with great results. I removed the anti-rattle clips from the OEM pads and drill and blind rivet them to the new pads.

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