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RT12 Option prices


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Anyone know where you can get msrp pricing for the various options for a 1200RT?
Just take what your dealer is probably charging and deduct 20%.
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Looks like no one has a link so I'll give you the info off my Monroney stmt (received last week - bike in transit): base price 17140, chrome exhaust 125, ESA 750, oil level warning 50, heated seats 270, computer 215, clear turn signals 35, alarm 210, extra socket 40, destination 350

The only one I didn't want was the heated seats but if you want a specific color (red), you take what the dealer can find.

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For what it's worth these are the UK prices:

basic £10,710


heated grips £195

heated seats £210

white indicator lenses £22

anti-theft alarm system £175

cruise control £345

chrome exhaust £75

electronic suspension adjustment £395

radio/cd player £875

radio prep kit c/w speakers £255

on board computer/oil level £110

additional power socket £15


tankbag £145

large top box* £370

inner bag for above £60

small top box* £250

inner bag for above £49

pannier inner bags £94

rocker protectors £79

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