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ESA Question


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Are there only 3 ESA options i.e. comfort, normal & sport? My dealer seems to think there are options for 1 or 2 up riding, but we can't find anything in the manual or get them to display.


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The 3 options you mention are adjustable "on the fly". When the bike is not moving, but the engine is on, you can hold the button down longer to cycle through the various one-up and two-up options. It takes a few moments, but you can feel the suspensions changing underneath you as the bike raises or lowers to adjust the new settings.


My bike came with a supplement to the owner's manual to explain all this.



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Please correct me if I am wrong. I have been researching this bike for a year, but do not own one. It is my undersatnding that there are two setting sets available. One is the preload, this is the one up, one luggage, two up luggage. This setting is done started in neutal, and sets the spring preload settings before starting your ride. The comfort, normal, and sport settings are changable while en-route on the bike (while riding) with thre same left thumb switch. This setting is the dampning. These settings can be done on the manual (or on Olins shocks, or others) with standard shocks while on the stand before leaving.

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I don't own one either but I believe you are correct.


The preload (1-helmet, 2-helmets, 2-helmets w/luggage) is set with the bike stationary in neutral and engine running.


The dampening (normal, comfort, sport) can be adjusted on-the-fly.

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Calvin  (no socks)

Its the same system on my S bike. I usually run in comfort mode, but ramp it up to sport.... what a rigid feeling... Smooth roads don't relay the change well, but add some imperfections in the highway and you can tell the difference, day and night. Change the rider preload at idle, set it at the dealer and haven't changed it.... dopeslap.gif

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I have it and love it. Here are the options:


One helmet = One up riding

One helmet with luggage = One up with luggage

Two helmets = Two up riding with luggage


The above settings are for the pre-load. The dampening can be adjsted, on-the-fly, to one of three settings for any of the above pre-load settings. Here is where you have comfort, normal and sport. I can tell a little difference between comfort and normal but sport makes a huge difference. Very noticible IMHP.


Hope this helps...

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