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Rear shock adjustment?


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What is the recommended adjustment for the rear dampening screw on a 02' RT.


I just bought the bike (coming of a H-D)

I somewhat understand the spring preload or sag adjustment as this can be measured with a ruler.

The dampening screw adjustment is a new concept to me.

I typically ride solo (225lbs).

I travel light maybe 30lbs of gear.

Any recommendations or procedure for proper adjustment would be appreciated.


BTW Thanks for the recommendation on the "Big Mac" bag

I ordered it and received it in 2 days (OR.-TX).

The quality and design are excellent!!

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The "factory" setting is to turn the screw fully counter-clockwise then one quarter turn clockwise. this is half-way between fully sofft (counter-clockwise) and fully hard. If the bike bottoms out, or bounces, turn it up a tad.


Cya, Andy thumbsup.gif

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