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3k Oil Change Question

Pennys Dad

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I want to change my oil and filter. Where can I find information or a "How To" on doing a 3k maint.


Thx for the info.

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Assuming you've done the original 600 mile service, and any 6K intervals thereafter, "on time" -- there isn't any factory recommended 3k service.


But, having said that, many of us do change the oil and filter at 3k intervals.


Very simple. Warm bike up fully. Do this either riding, or with BIG fan blowing air into the motor from the front -- otherwise you'll melt the tupperware! Pull the drain plug on the bottom (8mm allen). Drain into pan! LOL.... Use BMW or other filter wrench and remove filter. Unscrewing it partially and letting it "bleed" into the pan will make it a tiny bit less messy. Remove filter. I usually use a mirror and look up into filter well to make certain that the sealing surface on the engine is clean and debris free. Take new filter, put a thin film of oil on the gasket with clean oil, fill the filter itself with oil, screw in place in the well. Torque specs should be in owners manual. Many don't bother and just go to snug, plus about 1/2 turn. I use torque spec, but don't remember what it is off hand.


Take drain bolt and wipe clean. Put new "crush washer" on there (making sure you got the old one off -- it could even be stuck to the oil pan drain hole). Put the plug back in to the proper torque spec.


You should have started with 4 quarts of fresh oil. Put the rest of the oil into the bike, leaving it 1/2 quart "short." In other words, including the oil you put in the filter, only put a total of 3.5 quarts in the bike.


Once the oil is in there crank the sucker up and check to make sure it is oil tight on the bottom. Ride it til fully warm. Do the "oil check dance" to your satisfaction and then top off the bike w/ the remaining oil BUT DON'T FILL it much, if any, beyond the center dot in the oil sight glass. You'll probably find that the 3.5 quarts you put in will already have it pretty much smack dab in the middle of the sight glass. Use the remaing 1/2 quart to keep it there -- these puppies will burn some oil -- especially when new, up to as much as 20k miles!


That's about it. Recycle the used oil!

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Nope, no problem unless it is up "beyond" the top of the sight glass (which is hard to tell, right?). The reason many only fill to somewhere around the center dot is that it is easier to keep from inadvertently overfilling it.


A "too full" boxer will pump oil up into the bottom of the air box and make a mess.

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these puppies will burn some oil -- especially when new, up to as much as 20k miles!
Or up to as much as 96K miles if you give them a good thrashing on US50 across Nevada thumbsup.gif
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