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Garmin XM antenna magnetic plate


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Soo, I recently acquired a GXM-30 antenna/receiver aka "dohicky thingy" for my Zumo. (but not because Sagerider wants XM to stay in "bidness" a little longer and begged me to expedite my purchase :) )


I've decided to move the Zumo to the left mirror mount hole, but I'm trying to figure out a place to put the "dohicky thingy."


Two options that immediately came to mind were:


1. Mount the "dohicky thingy" on my Jakfrost Ram mount near the center of my handlebars; or


2. Put the "dohicky thingy" in the top pocket of my tankbag, and call it good (it appears that there will still be room for my MP3 player, so all is good! :thumbsup:)


Now I'm wondering if I do mount the "dohicky thingy" between the handlebars, whether the magnetic plate will or might cause problems with the antenna ring for my key. :eek:


Inquiring minds need to know.


Whaddaya think?





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Silver Surfer/AKAButters

If you seldom remove your tankbag, I'm sure that's okay. I remove mine often enough where it would be a problem. Center handlebar nmount would be fine. I don't think the antenna ring would be a problem. You could always ask the dealer.





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Hi Sharon,


I went through something similar late last year while trying to determine easiest "puck" location vs. acceptable XM reception. In the end, nothing really worked for me (dropped signal reception, partially blocked bord computer display and even partially blocked RH mirror when I tried a Techmount mount in the RH unused mirror hole.


In the end, I went the BMR route as pictured and couldn't be happier with position of GPS display, XM signal reception as well as safety of changing settings on the fly while monitoring road conditions directly ahead.







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I mounted mine in the center under the bracket for the gas tank.Just remove 4 screws and use some velcro under the xm antenna.Or use no velcro either way,the mount is solid.I have had mine on for about 3000 miles and it has not moved.Just be sure to place the XM ant as close to the front under the bracket as you can.


Vic Purvis



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Tankbag works fine.

Of course having a BigMak makes life easier.

I can remove all the electronics in 10 seconds and lock it away if need be.

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I might have to start a new thread on this when I have more time....but I ordered the linked cupholder and LOVE IT!


It does three things.......adds a great SOLID drink holder, moves the handle bars back a 1/8 inch, and the support arm is PERFECT to add the xm radio antenna. Look at the third picture on the web site and you can see the support arm is slightly tilted and allows enough room to velcro an antenna to it.


The item is made of aluminum and is powder coated black...looks nice. I ordered a cup holder, since I take a frozen bottle of water with me, and got a great place to add my antenna. All for 50 bucks. See below linky....





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