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Final drive oil seal replacement


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Need some tips to replace the final drive oil seal.

Not to long ago someone posted some excellent pics of a dismantled

final drive. I like to see them again, but cant find it now.

Thanks, Micky


2000 1100RT

Shoreline, WA

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Not sure if this is what you mean but here's a link

I found by using the search funtion, searching the Oilheads Forum with +final +drive +picture


Good luck.

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I changed the oil seal today. Total cost $ 21.42 , that is the seal and an o ring.

Total time was less than three hours. It was a very simple job .

3 k miles ago I had a very weird problem, a piece of rock fell into the space between

the disc and the final drive housing. It made a lot of noise, I thought first it is the crown bearing. We were on a trip in the Sierras, 15 K mile from home. So I took the wheel, the caliper, the rotor off in a motel parking lot, and cleaned out the broken up pieces of stone. But it made a damage to the seal, as the rock was milled to pieces between the disc with the ABS ring and the housing cover. The bike has 44 K miles, and the crown bearing is just perfect. I use Amsoil 75W 140 synthetic gear lube, and the lubricant looked clean as honey after 10 K miles.




Shorelie, Wa 2000 1100 RT

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