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Just set a new personal worst record for a new tire being toast...


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I don't wear out rear tires as much as nails do... and so it goes, last Tuesday, I get a new set of Michelin Pilot Road 2 (first time trying them and like em so far)... these new tires were replacing some worn out Pilot Roads. Anyways, with the snow here tonight in Greenville, I looked out on our driveway to see an unusual sight... three inches plus of the white stuff.


While out in the garage, I do my everyday check of the tires and there it is, a nail. Crap. Try pulling it out in case it is surface level damage and then I hear that telltale hiss. New tire it is.


Thankfully I got this and I have used it once so far in it's year coverage... works great!




Oh, and the mileage on that rear tire... 236 miles.


A new record for me.

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Same thing happened to me last year. New Avon Tires (Storm) and the rear got a nail through it - Avon provides a free replacement for the 1st 2 millimeters of wear due to road hazards as part of there warrantee.


Worked out great and they have proven to be comparable to the original Metzlers.


2008 Silver R1200RT

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Well, all is good now and a new PR2 is on the back rim... the ice and snow have cleared up so it is back on the road tomorrow. Thanks Touring Sport and now to avoid sharp metal thingies for the foreseeable future.

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