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Track Day Leathers


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The officials have only grudgingly allowed my usual textile gear to pass tech inspection in the past, so I have decided to look for a leather suit to wear at my 2009 track day events. I cannot find much information about how to choose one. I would probably only wear it 2-3 times per year, though might occasionally use it on street rides if it were comfortable enough. I am leaning towards a used suit.


There is huge variation in the pricing on these things. It's not hard to spend over $1000. I found a "like new" 2003 Alpinestars suit on E-Bay that looks like it might go for less than $200. According to their web site information it should be my size, but this is not the ideal way to fit one. Are the newer suits technologically superior, like a modern helmet?


Any thoughts or suggestions to help me are appreciated?



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The newer suits aren't any better, really. Here's what to look for:


/It should be perforated for warmer days. You can always wear a thin wind-breaking t-shirt underneath.


/It doesn't matter if it fits standing up--all that matters is whether it fits in the prone position on your bike. That means bent arms and legs, which requires greater length than when standing.


/It should be snug or you won't get great protection.


/Two piece can be handier, but you'll have to zip them together, which takes some getting used to. And you'll be tempted to not zip them together. :) It's important to do so, though, to protect you when sliding feet first. I only use one-piece.


/You'll want to also get a third-party back protector that, when bent over, doesn't push the back of your helmet up.


/You'll want a slippery suit to wear between your skin and the suit. There are two good brands. They are expensive, but definitely worth it, especially for a one-piece. Much easier to get on and off.


Used is good, by the way, but I'd never buy one over the internet. You really need to try it on first and look carefully at the stitching.

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I just spent three days doing just what your talking about, because for some reason my suit from last year shrunk in the closet....it must by the humidity....LOL...LOL.


Anyway, I wanted a light colored one, the black one I had was killin me in the heat. I ended up spending about $600 on a new suit. I was prepared for a much higher price.


I tried on three brands, Alpine Stars, Teknic, and Dainese.


The Dainese was wider in the hips and legs which really surprised me...too wide for me.


The AS was too short from the crotch to the shoulders when in a riding position.


The Teknic was about right.



The Teknic turned out to be the least expensive of the group as well.



All were 1 piece and I am 6'2" and 170 lbs and wear a size 42 coat have a 44L Aerostich that fits great.



The Teknic did not have extra hip protection, so I bought the Body Armor Force Field Action Shorts with hip and leg protection.


The Dainese and Alpine Stars did have some hip protection.


This is what I ended up with.








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Give MOTOPORT a look. A bit pricey but they have quality gear and a custom fit.


Do they make leather suits??????

No, they are kevlar and meet the specs for FIM racing. Lots of info on the website.

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You'll want a slippery suit to wear between your skin and the suit. There are two good brands...


Thanks for all the tips and good information, David. What are the two brands?



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Jay, pay close attention to the type of armor offered in the suit. I had a brand new set of leathers several years ago, went down at very low speed, over the handlebars, when a guy right in front of me braked about a mile earlier than I expected (not blaming him). The suit was undamaged, other than a light scuff mark on the right knee, but the hard edges of the armor caused what appears to be permanent damage to the muscle area above both knees. Not all CE-approved armor is the same.


I saved several hundred dollars with the suit I had, over, say, Vanson or some of the others mentioned by others. Not a very good bargain, in retrospect.

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