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Solar Tank Bag and Charger


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With all the talk about charging phones and the like I just saw this new product....looks like they offer a full bag and the solar panel kit also...






Pretty cool....looks like charges its own battery and then can be used to charge other items later. I will let the experts chime in about the specifics regarding power output.


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"It is recommended to charge the battery for 5-6 hours before travel"


This will be absolutely perfect for those riders who also have to charge their Bluetooth headsets for a similar amount of time before travelling.


....but is doesn't really match up to turning on the ignition and going, does it?


Overall it seems a plausible attempt after everyone else has already patented their solution.

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I fail to see the benefits of a solar tankbag. Motorcycles have these wonderful items called batteries that get charged by a magic device called an alternator. If you want to charge something, plug it into the bike!

I added a marine cigarette outlet to the inside of my glovebox on my RT. With the proper adaptor it will charge anything I want it to.

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John Bentall

Why would one prefer a solar charger to a powered SW Motech electric tank bag connection that fits on the fuel cap?

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The person on the other thread is planning on parking their bike for a week at an event and not having access to AC power during that time. Could kill the battery if you keep charging stuff day after day....


I myself just use the power plug and an adapter but I rarely sit still for that long.

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