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Cee Bailey Windshields


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Hi All-Just received a model #2 windshield from Cee Bailey today for my 04 rt. Ordered it during their Presidents Day Sale and received 20% off...thought it was a pretty good deal. Unfortunately I am really disappointed with the windshield and kinda stunned at the amount of distortion where the bend is for the lip. Pretty much a 2 to 3 inch strip that runs from side to side. Apparently they are all like this and according to CB I'm suppose to look over this anyways. Since I can be anal about things at times, I just find it annoying to purchase a product with an inherent flaw. CB was good about allowing a return although I will have to eat the freight both ways.


I called Aeroflow tonight to inquire about their windshields and was assured that their windshields do not have any distortions in them. Can anyone confirm this for me before I place an order. Thanks. Also would welcome any other recommendations/comments for windshields. Keith



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I bought one of those shields for my '02 RT a couple of years ago, and when it arrived it had a very noticeable area of distortion toward one edge, but not the other (i.e., the distortion was asymmetrical from left to right, across the area where the curve is). They swapped it willingly, and while the second one does have a small band of distortion across the bend if you focus on it, it's not obviously "flawed" like the first one was. The point is, there does seem to be quite a bit of variation in quality, and you might have gotten one of the worse ones. You might try discussing this with them and give them a chance to correct the problem if you haven't already. Aside from the issue of optical quality control it's a very good shield. I suspect that some amount of distortion might be a necessary tradeoff for a compound curve in plastic.




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The Calsci for your 04RT has nothing in common with the one for the 1200 RT. It's a good shield but not perfect in my opinion. I had, and sold one. Much thinner material than the CB but never flexed or wobbled even at silly speeds. Bluish tint at the edges, wider - good winter shield. Another BMWST member who's local came and test rode with it and liked it - as I recall he's a few inches shorter than I am and that might have been the difference. I'm 6-3.


The Aeroflow buffets like crazy for me.


I have CB Euro #2 w/ the curve. I don't know if there's much distortion there, you DO look over it.


After having all of the above, even 2 different height CBs, I think that's the best bet. Euro cut, flip top, and extra tall - taller than you think you need, so you can lay it down more.


FWIW, YMMV, etc.

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I had the Aeroflow on my R1100RT and currently have a CB Eurocut +2.5 on my R1150RT.


I'd have the Aeroflow any day. It was quieter and had better side protection (no buffeting on my upper arms).


I'm 6'1" and a half and ride with my seat on the highest setting.


Linz :)

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I have an Aeroflow on my 1100RT and a Cee Bailey on the 650GS. The Aeroflow has less distortion, but both have it to some degree. I look over the screens anyway, unless its raining hard.


For me, the Aeroflow is a better made screen and works well.

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Guys-Thanks for your responses. Seems like mixed reviews on the different windshields. At this point not sure what I should do!! Hard to judge the CB windshield without be able to field test it...still dealing with snow and ice here in northern Vermont. I probably would look over the top of windshield as I did with the factory shield, althought this CB is 2.5" taller. Not sure how that would workout in the rain when I tend to put the shield more towards vertical. Anyways I think what I'll do is take ole Betsy off the center stand and push her out into the driveway, go rumm rumm and then decide what to do. Keith

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I've owned most all of them and must say I never positioned the CB so I was forcing myself to look through the curve.


If it's rain or sunshine I look just over the top edge.


The only time I've ever complained about a windscreen was my GS/Adv with a LamLip on it.

Riding into the sun as I crested a hill or rise, the sun would hit the spot where the top pieces overlapped and the glare would completely white out that section.


I ripped it off at the next stop and threw it in the trash at a hotel in Durango.

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I have a #2 +7.5. I notice some distortion and don't care one bit as I rarely look through it. What I do care about is that I can hear the sweet sound of the boxer at 80mph. That's a good screen.

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The only time I've ever complained about a windscreen was my GS/Adv with a LamLip on it. I ripped it off at the next stop and threw it in the trash at a hotel in Durango.


+1 Worst waste of money I ever spent.

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I put a CB +4 Height and +2 width with the Euro cut on my 1100RT two years ago and love it. I'm 6'1" and keep it down all the time; rain or shine. I'm always looking over the shield - never through it. The shield has a light grey tint which looks super. Distortion is a non issue.

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Guys-Thanks for your responses. Seems like mixed reviews on the different windshields. At this point not sure what I should do!!

Buy one of each, preferably used. Swap them around a lot. Decide on which you prefer. Sell the others in the classifieds, and still have a voice in the back of your head saying "why the HELL can't somebody get this windshield thing RIGHT?"



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This, windscreens, is again a tough one.


I've seen so many folks who like the std screen, some the higher comfort screen by BMW. I've never been happy with either of those on my RTs.


The CBs are within grenade range of working the best for me.


The Aeros, Paras are to me ok but I really like the little extra step of the Euro Cut from CB.

That Ztech piece sounds intersting but have not tried one yet...


So like tennis shoes, seats, riding suits and boots, it's still nice too try and get something that you like, maybe not on the 1st go-round to get it right, but what the heck it's just money and food for the classified section.

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I have decided to keep the CB windshield! After getting my bike out into the driveway (finally) and sitting on it off the center stand... whole different perspective. While on the center stand looking at the back of my garage the windshield seemed like it would clearly be in my line of vision and I would have to look further down the road than I was comfortable with. But once I sat on the bike in the driveway I was easily able to look over the windshield.


Really getting anxious for the first good riding day to come along so I can really test it. Seems like those of you that have a CB windshield are generally pleased with it.


Thanks to all of you for your input as your comments were most helpful. Safe riding everyone. Keith

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