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Damn Golf!


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I got the call today from my BMW dealer. My RT has arrived and will be ready tomorrow. YEAH!!!


My golf partner and wife made me a T time for 10:42. Normally I would be looking forward to playing. The weather is warming up and is supposed to be very nice tomorrow. But the BMW dealer is over an hour away. I will not have time to play golf and pick up my bike! Augh.


So tomorrow my wife will beat the crap outa me on the course while all I think about is picking my bike up on Thursday. It like an 8 year old not being able to open up his/her Christmas presents til New Year!


Adults aren't supposed to get this frustrated! Somebody tell me how great is is to ride today!

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Silver Surfer/AKAButters

I'm lucky I guess. The choice between picking up my bike and a round of golf would be a no brainer. Golf would wait.

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Consider yourself one of the luckiest guys around. Your wife plays golf AND you're getting a new bike. If she has a fishing boat as well, don't tell us. That might be too much.

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Silver Surfer/AKAButters
Yeah, but would your wife? I definitely feel the tug, but domestic tranquility is a delicate balance.


Maybe that's why I no longer have one. :rofl:


No, actually any wife of mine would understand that a bike is a BIG priority over golf. Golf to me is kinda like going to the dentist. :grin: Now fishing, there's a dilemma.


Believe me, I do understand your position in having to compete with something that was important to her though.

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Mugs, I am going out on a limb here but I'm willing to sacrifice a vacation day to go get your bike and ride it to spa city for you. Call James and get the $ thing worked out and I'll do the rest...



PS Let me know as soon as you can so I can let my boss know I won't be in tomorrow.

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Golf, for those who cannot hit a ball in motion, I was told by a former boss.


The two times I play each year is when visiting MIL and getting out of the house. Last time I hurt my back and hear this, could not ride my bike for a couple of weeks.......never again.



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OK, OK. Yes, the boat is a Ranger VX with a 4 stroke Yammyhamer. More HP than the RT. Bass are starting to get active.


Golf is done, tomorrow is RT DAY!! AND it is supposed to be the warmest day of the year to date! High 70's.


It takes just over an hour to get to the dealer. Probably take an hour to get the paper work done. It will take me a few hours to get home.


I hope I remember to take a camera. I have my gear and helmut ready. Checkbook ready. Need Progressive to FAX the insurance confirmation. Do a safety inspection. Then YAAAAAAA HOOOOO!


Thx for the generous offer rinky. I guess I was too late to take you up on it.

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I can't count the times I've been out on the course in pure misery because I'm hitting the ball all over the place, I hear a motorcycle go by and wish I was riding (something I do fairly well) instead of playing golf (which I do well only occasionally.)

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I got it!!! Wifie drove me down to pick it up. When I got out of the vehicle She wouldn't give me a hug!

you know that silent, cold, "you've really done it this time" look!


Two choices, stick around in a no win situation or go in and pick up my new RT? Three guesses!


Half an hour later I was on the road getting acquainted. I am a bit rusty and find myself a bit tight. Actually have to tell myself to lighten up in the grips and relax my arms and shoulders.


Damn this bike is responsive compared to the "leadwing". The mesh protective jacket is great for this mild spring like day. A hundred miles and a thousand smiles later I clear out her new place in the garage. The weather is threatening and I don't want to be in the thunderstorms on new tires and rusty skills.


I have a picture of the bike I took back at the dealer's. I plan on writing about the first few hundred miles. I'll post them both later.


Can you see my smile!!


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