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Dunlop Tire Sale


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Motorcycle Superstore is offering 40% off on Dunlop tires.


Not sure if they are 40% cheaper than the usual online venders but I found a set of Roadsmarts for my R1200RT for $231 including shipping.


I've bought stuff from them before, never had a bad experience.


Here is a link. http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com//1/28/396/DEPT/Street-Bike-Sport-Touring-Tires-Tires.aspx?P=0&F=159


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Every time I look to buy tires,,They seem to have the best price,,Been buying tires from them for years,,Hummm,,My order came to $232,,,Whats up with that :rofl:

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Sale prices still showing on the tire page, but when you choose a size, actual prices have been increased; I called, no go on the sale price. Price was so low I was going to get a second pair; at least I have one pair coming.

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Thanks for the discount number. Just ordered mine too, but they are going up I noticed!


I paid $244. Could have gotten them for about $212. last week!

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