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Recording Both Sides of a Cell Phone Conversation


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Occaisionally I have to take recorded statements by telephone. I would like to be able to do this using my cell phone.


A Verizon rep, who seemed knowledgeable, told that what I want to do is not possible. That's hard to believe.


A friend who has the same requirement, says the telephone adapters sold by Olympus for their digital voice recorders are not at all satisfactory.


Any ideas?

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Well, first things first. Know what the laws are regarding the recording of phone conversations. Some states are VERY restrictive, and what you may consider a simple recording, they will consider a wiretap. I don't think that's what you wanted to talk about though.


One of the reason's you don't get good results is that cell phones do a bad job of being "full-duplex". You know, like when using an intercom system on the bike and only one of you can talk at a time.... until party "B" stops talking, he can't hear what party "A" is trying to say. That's just an issue with cell phones, not the recorders.


So... if you have an earphone/mic plug on your cellphone it may be as easy as this:


Record from cell phone or cordless phone...


or this one....


Cell Phone Recorder leads


I hope that helps.



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