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Corbin Seat on the 1200GS


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Well, I received it yesterday, snapped it on and went for a 50 mile ride. Here's what I think:

Original seat- Except for the sliding forward and compromising the jewels, it was not bad. I had to have the front in the high position and the rear in the low position. I have a 32" inseam and with the rear suspension cranked a little higher than the middle setting, I was able to place the foreward third of my boots on the pavement.

Corbin Seat: It feels firm to the hand when you 1st touch it. Sitting on it in my garage it has a more shoveled out area for my LA (lard ass - I am 5'11" and weigh 193). The leather seating surface is smooth and I could really slide around on it. What I didn't notice until I was riding was that there is this firm edge that doesn't become apparent until I stopped at a light. It significantly reduced my ability to place both feet on the ground. I tried to slide forward, that didn't help. What I ended up doing was pulling to a stop, leaning to right and placing only my right foot on the ground. But when riding, that's another story. The seat, although definitely firm, was extremely comfortable. It settled me into that dished out area, and although slippery, I didn't slide forward! There is only one way to snap in the seat, and it is level with the ground. I got a little aggressive on some of the cornering and found I could easily shift my body to the side to enhance cornering. The color and compostion is exactly what you see on their web site. I would post pictures but I haven't figured out how to do that yet, because I have a dumb-hat and insist on wearing it when on my computer. I use a powerbook and everything is so easy, except for understanding posting photos.

If this is read by Clearwater, this seat would seriously compromise your vertical dimension, but it is comfy.

I'll post more about it after another few hundred miles.


R1200GS 2005

R1200RT 2005

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We have the Corbin dual-heated seats on our R1200GS. Just did 1665 miles on them this past week. Donna (as pillion) says it's the best seat she's had on any bike. And I'd have to agree about the rider one too. Not a single sore spot.

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Hi Ken, just curious about the wiring. How did you wire the seats up and what do you use to control the temp and where did you mount the temp troller ? thx, hp

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i appreciate the comments to me personally, as i have been a corbin seat for a long time

your thoughts are spot on... i remember my '96 RT corbin....

with that edge.... amazing seat but their seats ALWAYS compromise the "perceived" seat height secondary to the seat width

that is the characteristic shape of ALL corbin seats


life is always a compromise

i'm holding out for the SARGENT in this case/though i have never owned one before.....

and they won't be available for 2 more months



and that lard ass comment

you are 193 and 5'11"....... that ain't fat

is it?



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