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Ducati knowledge near concord california?

Marty Hill

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skinny_tom (aka boney)

I don't know jack about Ducatis. sorry


But, if you do find the bike you're looking for, I have a truck, a ramp, and some storage space.

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Anyone close to concord calif. able to check out a 916 for sale?




Marty? Ducati 916? I don't believe it! :grin:

What color do you think he well paint it :rofl:
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As long as I have your post in front of me, I can spell Ducati. Do I need more intimate knowledge of them than that? I'd be more than happy to go ride the snot out of it for you, no personal satisfaction involved, really. I could even check to make sure that it's got enough cyclinders and that the clutch rattles properly.


I've always been a little interested in riding a Ducati . . .

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Thanks for your thoughts and help.



Not for me. A good friend is looking for a special 916 for his duc collection.



Really good to hear from you! Been too long. Hope all is well. Lunch or dinner in sfo after spring torrey?

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Hate to fly, but for you Marty I'll do it.

Have your friend leave a ticket to be picked up at the counter, doesn't even have to be first class.

It will be a special Ducati after I get through w/it>



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