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Changing to Xenon Lamps


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I am thinking of changing the stock headlamps on my 07 R1200RT to Xenon lamps; tired of changing the Stock Halogen lamps!

Anyone want to share their experience of doing this, ie, choice of supplier, conflicts with canbus, longer life and any other observations, like was it worthwhile?

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HID is the way to go,here is one thread:



Here is a more detailed thread done on a 1200GS,but the light setup and wiring will be similar once you get all the RT panels off.



If you use the search function,you will find more info!



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+1 if you are going to change your ligts beam change it for hid sistem ... i recomend 6000k it looks like a stock but you can see the diference inmediatly... and forget to place an aditional ligths ... just dont forget to instal a relay for reduce the charge in to you main controls... cause thoes sistems neads more amps for star ... just for star...

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Hi victor-t


You will like the difference. The high beam is still halogen since i live in the city and hardly every get to use it. Yes the CANBus system can cause you problems. It took replacing both the left and right ballasts before i got a set that would work right. The bulbs would flash on as normal and then the computer would shut down the circuit. As near as i can tell, the start up draw on the first set of ballasts was a bit more than the CANBus though acceptable. Now, occasionally one or both bulbs will not start up, especially if i stall the engine or it takes a couple of starts on a cold morning. Now before i start moving, i make sure the display is not flashing that dreaded bulb icon. For me, i switch the ignition off, wait for the display to shut down, and then restart. This sequence works most of the time for me.


Be aware, that in Texas at least, using anything but original equipment is illegal. So, i run the risk of not being able to get the bike inspected. Stupid rule. Also, the only place to drill the hole for the wires (and grommet) going from the power to the ballast and back to the light had to be done in the access cap. There is nowhere in the molded plastic light housing that could be used. This makes it a bit more difficult to work in that cramped space.


A club member sold me the lights, ballasts, and cancellers (supposed to outsmart the CANBus). If you would like to contact him, i would be happy to share that information with you directly. Send me an e-mail.




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Hey Rick, same bike! I like your motorcycle boots. Thanks for your feedback; same law here about changing to Xenon lamps, but that only applies to cars, doesn't it. If I do go ahead with the conversion, I thought that I'd put a relay into the power circuit this would ease the large power drain on start problem and might also not cause conflict with the canbus, make sense?

Ciao, Vic

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