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Battery charger


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I have a BMW Battery Tender II hooked to my battery directly to bypas CanBus. In ordinary use, the red light goes on, then the grren light flashes for an hour or so, then the green light is solid and stays so.

Yesterday, I accidently tripped over the wire, charger dropped to the garage floor but no apparent damage.

When plugged back in for what is now more than 24 hrs, the green light is still flashing......

Thoughts ?? Thanks

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I have a Battery Minder instead of a B. Tender, but when plugged to the wall the red light goes on and stays on, then when connected to my 12 RT the green light goes on steady, and when fully charged the green light commences flashing.


So, I have to ask, are you sure you're recalling your BT's steady/flash sequence correctly?

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