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Why didn't I do this sooner?


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It was about a month ago that my new Zumo 550 showed up. Since then I've had a good chance to test this thing out and I've got to confess, I think I'm in love!


I have had a StarCom1 Advance set up for over a year now, I was playing music via a wired MP3 player and the phone would auto answer when somebody called. The HDD in the MP3 player went south about the same time my phone crapped out. I was having a hard time finding a new phone I liked that would auto-answer when a wired headset was attached and so was going to give my StarCom blue-teeth to talk with the new phone. When the MP3 player died, I thought I-Phone, then I remembered the Zumo had Blue-teeth and would play MP3s and was audio book compatible, it also did something about the stack of paper maps that keeps getting rained on and making a mess of my tank bag.


I can now make and receive calls and best of all with the caller ID I have the choice of NOT taking calls. The MP3 player sounds fantastic and unlike the old one the volume control works with my gloves on. And I always have maps! and a list of the nearest Starbucks or BMW dealer or gas station :clap:. If I'm given an address, I can find my way there without writing down directions that I end up leaving on the kitchen counter.


I've named her Aim-me, I hope she isn't mad that I didn't get her flowers yesterday. :grin:

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wait till you pop for the XM30 antenna- 170 channels of music, news, traffic, weather, talk radio- anywhere on the road- with brief interruptions for directions, of course :/



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Had XM in one of my cars a couple of years ago and loved it. If the music got dull there was always the comedy stations or sports to tune into. I'm sure I'll pick up the XM sometime down the road, truth is the option to do so was another of my justifications to make the purchase. Not real sure I would want the traffic alert subscription, sounds kind of cool but you get to know where the regular tie ups are. Does anybody use the XM weather alerts, that could be handy.

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