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New perscription drug


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Shut it!!! You lazy, low life, good for . . .


Woah! Took twice the normal dose.


Go take a long walk off a short pier would ya!

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Calvin  (no socks)

Richard, you need it!..... I've seen you bounce around the room looking for a place to land... I said to myself...whoa.... this isn't going to end well.... and I left, to save you some face... you exhibit the symptoms that the Doctor was speaking of.... good luck my friend. If this dosen't work I suggest a 12 step plan next. :grin:

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That is freaking hilarious...I have ordered 6 tons of it for my always happy Pollyanna personality type friends. Thx for the tip!


I'm just here to help Officer, really!!!

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Silver Surfer/AKAButters

Yep, a trcukload for me. I work around a bunch of twenty sumtins that think life is just one big pleasure cruise. Disgusting!

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