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Hello all,


New member here... I'm in Northern California and am looking at buying a new riding jacket. I'm looking for feedback on what you guys wear and how you like it.


I'd like to get one jacket that I could use year-round, from the 40's in winter to the 90's in summer. Any ideas?




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Too many other factors.

How much riding.



Do you want liners.

Heated gear.

If you are in a low humidity region, with infrequent rain, then next come your size.

If all of the above are w/in certain parameters you may find one jacket.

Around here, humidity, precipitation, 40-45 degree temperature swings some days, make it less likely.

For some the best combo is a thermal lined mesh jacket w/a rain suit. This covers a wide range and keeps you dry.

Add Gerbings and the range increases on the cold side.

There are a number of jackets that do this.

Price range?

For some a textile jacket will fill the bil as they rarely have high temps/high humidity and don't get the low temps (We've had from 13 to almost 80 the past week w/humidity from 20% to 100%).

Since I need "Tall" sizes I am limited in choice, but a TourMaster Transition w/Gerbings handles all we've had easily.

More and more the textile jackets are coming w/improved ventilation set ups.

This would probably work for most of your needs, but once you get up to the upper 80's a cooling vest in low humidity is a good idea.


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Welcome Mark,

For 3/4 of the year (also in NorCal) I find the Olympia Airglide 2 with or without liner is fantastic. When the temps get lower I need to layer a bit more or switch to my TourMaster gear. What Ive found is that my TM is good for Fall, Winter and Spring. The Olympia for Spring, Summer and Fall. I'm a bit more inland than you so the temp swing between Summer and Winter is a bit larger.

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I'm in Central California and ride all over the state and into the Northwest.

The Tourmaster Transition,now Transition II,has been a

good all around jacket.

As above posters have stated,an electric vest or liner is a great idea,due to our wildly changing conditions.


Others to consider Olympia Bushwacker or AST,or if you have the budget,the BMW Rallye II Pro.

The new Firstgear Kilimanjaro and Katmandu gear look great too.



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I have something like this;


The one I have is a Cortec Air Jacket but I don't see it listed anymore. This looks like it may have replaced it. The one I have flows a lot of air. When it's below 75 I'll put the liner in and I'm good for 50 and raining.

I still haven't found a pair of pants, but that is a rant for another day.

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Couple good deals on Olympia and FirstGear jackets here:



Also www.newenough.com is a good gear source


Have personally dealt with both companies and both are

highly recommended.


Also a few upcoming Northern CA events,come meet up with

some of the group and you will get plenty of gear ideas.






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